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Company Introduction

Shenzhen Qili Technology Development Co., Ltd. , established in 2005 with registered capital of 13 million yuan, is a high-tech company dedicated to research & development, manufacture and sale of military and police communication product.……

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Model:RemotEar Micro FM Receiver Earpiece


Parts List


RemotEar(0701), the smallest wireless micro fixed frequency narrow band FM receiver, hiding completely in the ear canal, receives radio signal directly without any other accessory. It initiates a brand new one-way communication mode, with its ergonomics design, small shape, widely used, especially for the situation that requires free movement and covertly acquiring information.

Tectical Feature

It works on magnetic induction and DSP technology.

Product Feature

Simple shape and its height conforms to ergonomics design, ensures comfortable, concealing,

● reliable in using;Without accessories, transmitter launching, earpiece receiving directly;

● New generation audio processing chip auto noise reduction system makes communication much clearer;Small shape, ergonomics in-ear shape design;

● Repeatedly writing frequency, single frequency or multi frequency, without configuration;

● Hand small remote control

● Simply operated, unique function;

● High sensitivity, clear sound.


criminal investigation、anti-terrorism trial、anti-smuggling、Safety guard、negotiation、guiding, etc. 

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