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Q: How to care and maintenance QDC covert police intercom hea…

A: Police Covert intercom headset is a high-tech product , it must be treated with caution , to avoid falling on a hard surface and damage the internal parts.
   It is important to clean after each use with a soft tissue or cotton cloth its housing.
   Do not immerse the product in water or use strong chemical solvents, cleaners or detergents to clean the product .
   Always check the cerumen filter. Cerumen filter prevents clogging micro headset , if necessary , you can also filter cleaning and replacement earwax .

Q : What reason would lead QDC covert police intercom headset…

A: volume is too low, check the cerumen filter is clogged.
    If there is noise, possibly caused by magnetic interference.
    The headset until the headset away from the magnetic source there are no more noise.
    If it is a continuous hissing sound is to remind you to replace the battery.



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