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Company Introduction

Shenzhen Qili Technology Development Co., Ltd. , established in 2005 with registered capital of 13 million yuan, is a high-tech company dedicated to research & development, manufacture and sale of military and police communication product.……

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Type:Covert Earpiece

Model:0501 Covert Earpiece


Parts List


Covert Communication Earpiece is an inductive receiver with ergonomic design. It is integrated with loopset to be used on radios. Earpiece is put into ear canal while loopset is wore inside user’ clothes.

Digital covert earpiece 0501 utilizing DSP system with 4 Microprocessors and accelerator, automatically classifies environmental noise, monitors noise levels by means of the advanced adaptive noise reduction algorithm. It efficiently cancels a wide variety of noise. It can be widely used in national security, criminal investigation, Anti-terrorism, etc in worldwide police. Usually such kinds covert operators face high personal security risk when performing a task. Our products adopt hi-tech which provide a degree of body protection and help to enhance combat capability

Currently it is widely used in criminal investigation, public security, counter-narcotics, national security, anti-evil, special police, and other law enforcement agencies.

criminal investigation, public security, counter-narcotics, national security, Anti-terrorism, anti-evil, special police, negotiations, inquest, gambling, broadcasting and other fields.


Covert communication earpiece+ Inductive loopset+ Wireless PTT(option)

Work principle

Covert Communication Earpiece is an inductive receiver based on magnetic induction. It works with audio amplificatory devices, such as radios, mobile phone, repeater, language trainer,etc

Product Feature

Small dimensions and weight, easy for concealing

Ergonomic shape design, comfortable long time wearing

Noise reduction, Soft suppression, AGC(Automatic Gain Control) meets professional request.


Adapter(Inductive loopset + Wireless PTT receiver) includes loopset, satchel and baldric

0601A(FreshEar) Digital filtering and DSP technology

0501 DSP technology, digital earpiece

0401 Analog technology, noise reduction

0301 Analog technology, Adjustable volume

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