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Shenzhen Qili Technology Development Co., Ltd. , established in 2005 with registered capital of 13 million yuan, is a high-tech company dedicated to research & development, manufacture and sale of military and police communication product.……

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Wireless Covert Earpiece

Type:Covert Earpiece

Model:Wireless Covert Earpiece


Parts List


Compared to normal inserting loopset, QDC Bluetooth inductive loopset can receive and send signals without connecting to terminal devices directly. It is reliably used on terminal devices with covert earpiece together.

Bluetooth loopsets include 3 types: LP-5 (suitable for mobile phone ), SP-5 (suitable for radio MTP850 only), SP-5G(suitable for various radio models through universal connector )

LP-5 supports direct recall, receiving call, hangup call operation,etc operations while SP-5&SP-5G support sending and receiving signals privately.

Technology Feature

It works on magnetic induction and DSP technology


Product Feature

Beige color, easy to conceal

Bluetooth adapter with small size, easy to connect to radios

Directly connect to radios with Bluetooth function, without Bluetooth adapter

Built-in LED clearly shows loopset connection status

Direct recall, receiving call, hangup call operation on loopset menu button after pairing.



LP-5 wireless covert earpiece system: Covert earpiece+LP-5 bluetooth inductive loopset

SP-5 wireless covert earpiece system: Covert earpiece+ SP-5 bluetooth inductive loopset +SP-5 bluetooth adapter(suitable for MTP850)+wireless PTT

SP-5G wireless covert earpiece system: Covert earpiece+ SP-5G bluetooth inductive loopset +Universal bluetooth adapter+wireless PTT


Criminal investigation, safety guard ,anti-terrorism, anti-smuggling, negotiation, etc. 

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