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Company Introduction

Shenzhen Qili Technology Development Co., Ltd. , established in 2005 with registered capital of 13 million yuan, is a high-tech company dedicated to research & development, manufacture and sale of military and police communication product.……

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Duplex Covert Intercom System

Type:Covert Earpiece

Model:Duplex Covert Intercom System


Parts List


QDC Duplex Covert Intercom System is a world leading complete system for multi-party covert duplex communication. It enables several users to create an instant, continuous and secure audio conference. The latest radio encrypted technology ensures the transmission of information is absolutely safe. The number of users in a group can up to 6 in full duplex mode and allows an unlimited number in listening mode. Group members are allowed to change at any time, different team members in the same area do not influence each other.

System Composition

Duplex Covert Intercom Terminal+ integration loopset+ covert earpiece

Technical Feature

Full duplex mode

Hands-free operation

Encryption technology eliminates eavesdropping

Product Feature

A world leading complete system for multi-party covert duplex communication

 2-6 in full duplex mode + an unlimited number in listening mode

 Digital encryption: secure and confidential communication

 Patented noise filter: perfect audio quality whatever the environment

 Compact, light, robust

 Long battery life: up to 14 hours of use

 A hands-free system, it doesn’t need a base station


Criminal investigation, public security, anti-terrorist, drug smuggling investigation, negotiation.

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